CEEAAM - About us

About us


CEEA Asset Management Ltd. was established in 2009 with the aim of providing wealth management services to Central and Eastern European investors.

CEEAAM is run by a team of investors who are also active members of CEEAAM's management board. The aim of CEEAAM's management is to shape a modern, progressive and prudent business that is internationally recognized among professionals.

The activity of CEEAAM Ltd. is supervised by the National Bank of Hungary (NBH / MNB), HFSA license number: EN-III-63/2010. The safe operation of the company is closely monitored by the state authority; CEEAAM management further guarantees correct business practice with regard to personal wealth and market reputation. CEEAAM is also member of Investor Protection Fund. The capital of CEEAAM Ltd. twice exceeds legal requirements and the owners wish to maintain this high ratio for the foreseeable future.

CEEAAM is independent from other financial service providers, which enables it to form investment policies with greater freedom, resulting in a higher yield and lower costs for investors.

As a wealth management company, CEEAAM does not run a proprietary trade desk, which ensures unbiased and objective investment decision making.

Active Investment Management

CEEAAM operates as a wealth management company. In an environment of low interest rates, it is getting increasingly difficult to obtain the spectacular yields that were common in the past 10 years and could be reached with simple bank deposits or government bond purchases. In order to generate substantial yields in today's more complex environment, high net worth individuals and corporations are now turning to the professional services of wealth managers. CEEAAM provides the necessary specialized expertise and market experience that is crucial to managing capital profitably in today's market.

CEEAAM refers to itself as an active management company to highlight the active nature of our investment managers and services offered to clients seeking to add incremental returns relative to a market index or attain above-average risk-adjusted performance. The portfolio managers at CEEAAM continuously monitor the market and make investment decisions based on whether or not the expected return of an investment is matched to the amount of risk involved to capture the return.

The outcome of the decision may be a buy or a sell order as well. The active investment strategy also involves a rigorous risk management approach that helps to avoid drawdowns and preserves any previously attained returns.


CEEAAM believes that its staff of financial experts is the most important asset for all financial service providers. This is especially true for wealth managers. CEEAAM puts great emphasis on personal fiduciary business relationships with its clients, working with a select number of stable employees. The team at CEEAAM is comprised of highly-skilled professionals with at least ten years of market experience.


CEEAAM offers its services to clients based in Central and Eastern Europe, including private individuals with a high net worth, corporate customers, municipalities, and institutional investors such as pension fund managers, insurance companies and investment fund managers.

Operational Environment

The abbreviation, CEE, stands for Central and Eastern European, which refers to the markets of the new European Union member states that CEEAAM focuses on. The majority of investments such as equity, bond, or foreign exchange transactions are directed in that geographical region.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to offer professional wealth management services in a way that satisfies our customers and brings financial success for our shareholders. We use an innovative approach in our day-to-day operations to improve the quality of life for a broad community of clients: local, national, and international. We value our clients and work to provide them with substantial yields while maintaining a responsible and communicative environment.

To demonstrate our commitment to ethical behaviour and the protection of our clients' interests, CEEAAM has implemented the CFA Institute's Asset Manager Code of Professional Conduct.